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web marketing and communication agency.


AT is Antonio Testa, MEDIA is

what we use for the “New Marketing Model

In 2007 Antonio Testa created AT MEDIA. With the great managerial and entrepreneurial experiences acquired in a long time spent in prestigious advertising agencies, he founded AT MEDIA S.r.l. in November 2012.
Working with the longtime collaborators and professional advisors, AT MEDIA S.r.l. became partner of nationwide leading companies in the web marketing, publishing, television commercial, mobile marketing and communication fields. AT Media offers specific analysis and consultancy to all companies, SMES included, which aim to approach international markets. The competitive advantage of AT MEDIA that makes it unique in Italy, is being a communication and web marketing agency for the small and medium companies, with the same creativity and strategy of the large media agencies. Basing its work on the New Model of Marketing for the SMEs AT MEDIA S.r.l. built its success. Today AT MEDIA S.r.l. works in Italy, with an exclusive network of business partners, ready to follow every customer step by step and proposing The New Marketing Model to the SMEs and the most recent digital and web technologies.




"Strategy rhymes with Sinergy"


Specialization is the secret for the succes. For this reason AT MEDIA S.r.l. has created a performant team crossing web marketing and communication skills. Our team is the founding stone to adapt The New Marketing Model to the specific needs of your agency.



The New Marketing Model